Heidelberg pH 1 Calibration Solution

Heidelberg pH Calibration Solution

Each Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System comes with two 500 mL Bottles of pH Calibration Solution. One of the bottles is a pH 1.00 solution, and the second bottle is a pH 7.00 Solution. The Calibration Solutions are used to insure that the pH Capsules are programmed to report accurate pH values during testing. One Cubic Centimeter (1 cc) of each Solution is placed in each of the Two Test Tubes for Calibration.
Care and Handling

Fresh Calibration Solution must be used to Calibrate each pH Capsule. The used-Solutions must be discarded when each Capsule Calibration has been completed. Hydrogen Ions, which are present in the Solutions, are removed from the Solution during Calibration; this changes the pH Value of the Solution. The small influx of Rinse water into the Solutions, during Calibration, also changes the pH value of the Solutions in the Test Tubes. Never pour used Calibration Solutions back into the Bottles, this will contaminate the entire Bottle of Calibration Solution. Calibrations Solutions have a shelf life, and each Bottle of Solution has an expiration date Clearly stamped on the bottle. To insure that the Calibration of the pH Capsule is accurate, always check to make sure that each bottle of Solution is still within the Shelf Life Date.