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Monitors pH Levels of the:



Small Intestine (Research Environment)



Large Intestine (Research Environment)



Aid to Diagnose, as Follows:


Acute / Subacute Gastritis


Hypochlorhydria (Obvious)

Dumping Syndrome


Hypochlorhydria (Not Obvious)

Chronic Gastric Ulcer



Fresh Gastric Ulcer/Suspected


Hyperchlorhydria with Delayed Stomach Emptying

Gastro-Esophageal Reflux


Hyperchlorhydria with Marked Delayed Emptying and Highly Acid Small Intestine

Heavy Stomach Mucus
Pyloric Insufficiency


  Fasting Gastric Analysis Via Telemetry

  Office Procedure
  Third Party Reimbursement (Varies between states and Insurance Companies)
  A-traumatic Psychologically and Physiologically


This Gastrogram, depicts the swallowing of the Heidelberg pH Capsule, a normal Fasting-Acid presentation with an Alkaline challenge, (which is a 5 cc dose of a Saturated Solution of Sodium Bicarbonate), This is followed by a classical plateau-type curve, with a subsequent return to the base line.  The Training Manual contains many Sample Normal and Abnormal curves, and Treatment Protocols.


The pH Capsule is swallowed, with one ounce of water. It reaches the Stomach usually within 2 to 3 seconds.  The pH Capsule is Tethered by inserting a thread through the Tether hole, provided on the base of the Heidelberg pH Capsule, and tying a knot to prevent premature migration out of the Stomach. When the pH Capsule is properly positioned in the Stomach, and displaying the pH Levels on the Graph, a small piece of Medical tape is placed over the exposed Tether, on the Patient’s cheek, to prevent migration out of the Stomach. The Stomach's Parietal Cells may then be challenged with a Saturated Solutions of Sodium Bicarbonate, to determine the Parietal Cell activity, and re-acidification time.


The Heidelberg pH Capsule measures 7.1 mm Diameter .x 15.4 mm Length. It is Encapsulated within a sealed Polyacrylate (plastic) Capsule, which is designed to be swallowed. The pH Capsule is NOT RADIOACTIVE (Absolutely NOT). It is a high-frequency Micro-Electronic Transmitter, designed specifically for Inter Abdominal pH Monitoring. The Power source for the pH Capsule is a, Physiologic battery, which operates off approximately one grain of Salt derived from Normal 0.9 Saline. The interior of the Battery Compartment contains a Pure Zinc Electrode, and Pure Silver Electrode, surrounded by a highly absorbent Silica.  When the pH Capsule is immersed in the Normal 0.9 Saline, the Silica absorbs  Saline into the Battery Compartment.  The Saline become an Electrolyte for the Battery operation, and promotes the transfer of electrons from the Zinc Electrode to the Silver Electrode, this flow of electrons will power the pH Capsule for many hours.

The Heidelberg pH Capsule System is Restricted to the Use, ONLY by a Qualified Physician, by U.S. Federal Law…(United States Food & Drug Administration). A Complete Patient History is required before administering this diagnostic test. Example: Crohn’s Disease, or any history of intestinal blockage (s), adhesions and/or history of bleeding. The Heidelberg pH Capsule CANNOT BE STERILIZED, and is intended for ONE APPLICATION and ONE PATIENT ONLY.


The Heidelberg pH Capsule permits the measurement of pH values in the Esophagus, and Stomach, without the Trauma associated with the INFAMOUS STOMACH TUBE.  The pH Capsule is an encapsulated miniature high-frequency Transmitter for swallowing; it continuously transmits the pH values from the Stomach. The Patient History, and Personal Information, is Entered into the Patient File Database, by way of the Computer keyboard, it cannot be erased, or deleted.  YOU MUST HAVE A COMPLETE PATIENT HISTORY, prior to giving a Patient, the Heidelberg pH Diagnostic Test.  You must also verify that the Patient has Fasted for the required time period, and that he/she are not taking any type of Medication that could affect the Test results.  Certain Medications, especially H2 Blockers, will alter the results of a pH Diagnostic Test and make it invalid. 

To insure the highest degree of accuracy from the pH Capsule, it is quickly Calibrated after Activation.  The pH Capsule is placed in a Calibration Solution, and the Calibration Sequence  is started with one click of a Button. The pH information is transmitted from the pH Capsule to the self-contained Transceiver (Medallion), where the Capsule Radio Signals are converted to Digital Pulses. The high speed Digital Pulses generated by the Medallion Transceiver, carry much more than pH Information, these Pulses tell the Computer which Channel ( Medallion) the information is coming from, how much Battery Power is left in the Medallions Battery Pack, and what the Signal Strength of the pH Capsule is. The converted Digital Pulses are Transmitted to the Computer Interface. The Computer Interface processes the Digital Information, and directs the information to the proper Graph on the Computer Monitor. The Heidelberg Computer Interface can direct the Transmissions of 8 separate Medallion Transceivers, which are worn by the Patients, to their proper Graphs, and display the correct pH Values for each Transceiver. The actual Signal Strength of each Capsule is displayed on its designated Graph, on a Computer generated Dial Indicator. Custom Systems, usually built for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, have specially designed Computer Interfaces that can handle the Transmissions from 16 Transceivers, all operating at the same time.

We have conveniently provided  event markers to put emphasis upon important pH levels (Events), and the Times that the Marks are Placed on the Graph. This Function is specially useful in determining the Re-acidification time after the Parietal Cells are Challenged. When the Print Function is selected the complete Test Graph is Printed, with the Mark Lines, and the actual time the Marks were placed on the Graph, during the pH Diagnostic Test.  The Print Function may be used to Print the Test results at any time during or after a test. The use of the Print Function while a pH Test is running does not result in the loss of any incoming pH information from the Transceivers.


The Heidelberg pH Capsule System eliminates the psychological and physiological trauma associated with the “INFAMOUS” STOMACH TUBE. The Physiologic exacerbation (including “gagging”) associated with intubations over-stimulates the Patient (s) to a point whereby the test results could be questionable. (Reflux of Alkaline Products from the Duodenum into the Stomach) Forget about the tube! Get this valuable test that offers so much more and WITHOUT THE TRAUMA!


We currently have Two Basic Heidelberg pH Diagnostic Systems to Choose From. The Highly Versatile One Patient, and Two Patient, Portable Systems can be easily and securely moved, from one room to another, or between buildings, without having to detach and reattach multiple cables. The Dedicated Computers used with the Systems, have multi-year Service Warranties. As your Practice grows, and the amount of pH Testing increase, we offer a simple in office process to upgrade your One Patient pH Diagnostic System to a Two Patient System. All Single Patient pH Diagnostic Systems include the preinstalled Software for Multiple Patient Testing. The upgrade from a Single Patient System to a Two Patient System, is accomplished with the addition of a second Heidelberg Medallion Transceiver. Custom built pH Diagnostic Systems are available, which will test up to 8 or 16 Patients at one time without interaction.

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