Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System Interface Module

Interface Module

The Micro-electronic Interface Module, supplied with your pH Diagnostic System, provides a direct link between the Medallion Transceiver, worn by the Patient and the Heidelberg Dedicated Computer. The Interface Module instructs the Computer to which Graph the incoming Data should be displayed on. The Interface Module has the ability to receive High Speed Digital information from 8 separate Medallion Transceivers at one time, and display the information on its corresponding Graph. There is no loss of pH data from the Capsule, or interaction between the Medallion Transceivers, because the Interface is controlling all of the incoming Data traffic from the Medallions. The Interface Module is certified and registered with the F.C.C. (Federal Communication Commission) for use in Private Practice. Custom pH Diagnostic Systems that can test up to 16 Patient at one time without interference require a Highly Specialized Interface Module. Do not attach or place the Interface Module next to electronic equipment, such as CRT Monitors, Wireless Routers, or Imagining equipment.
Care and Handling

Each Interface Module contains a small external Antenna for receiving the Transmissions from the Individual Medallion Transceivers. The Antenna is a Screw-on type Antenna. Over tightening the Antenna will damage the expensive internal Micro-electronics. The Antenna must be able to move, in order to prevent damage to the Electronics, if it is accidentally impacted.
The Base side if the Interface Module contains two Velcro Pads. Each Velcro pad has an Industrial Grade Adhesive backing. Spend some time seriously considering where you are going to place the Interface, before you actually attach the Module. The Industrial Grade Adhesive will remove the paint from a Painted surface.