Heidelberg pH Diagnostic Systems

The Portable Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System is an innovative system that is ideal for any busy practice, where a stationary desktop computer system would have it’s limitations. It can be transported from one room to another, or from one facility to another. The dedicated laptop computer, and a compact micro-jet printer, is placed on a movable medical grade laboratory cart that has lockable casters, with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS system), with an 8 foot electrical cord. The laboratory cart has a built security feature that allow you to safely store your computer, printer and other equipment in a lockable storage cabinet, when they are not being used.  The portable Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System can be used for single, or multiple, patient pH Diagnostic Testing.

The standard clinical grade Heidelberg Diagnostic systems can be configured to test from 1 to 8 patients simultaneously without interaction.  Our custom built systems can be configured to test from 1 to 16 patients at the same time without interaction.


The FDA requires that system operators (nurses or technicians) be training in the use of the system and do testing under the supervision of a licensed physician. Third party reimbursement depends on individual states and individual insurance companies, and the form in which the CPT coding is submitted.

The Heidelberg pH Capsule package insert reads: CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale only by, or on the order of a qualified physician. A patient history  and examination are required before administering this diagnostic test. Example: Crohn’s Disease, or any history of intestinal blockage, adhesions and/or history of bleeding.
We are active with clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetic research studies with major universities and major American and European pharmaceutical companies.

View our testing software simulation.


Medical Grade Lab Cart
Dedicated Laptop Computer
Heidelberg Interface Module
Heidelberg Digital Transceiver
Portable Ink Jet Printer
Comprehensive Technical Training Videos
Comprehensive Technical Training Manual
Heidelberg Testing Program CD Package
Capsule Calibration Test Fixture
1 Pint (500 mL) pH 1 Calibration Solution
1 Pint (500 mL) pH 7 Calibration Solution
Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS System)
Additional Equipment…

pH Capsule Locator

The per test disposables are pH capsules, distilled water and Saline. Everything else necessary, for over a hundred pH tests, is included with the system purchase.

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