As the examining Physician, you will always hear a wide spectrum of complaints from your patients. By adding The Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System to your method of testing, you can be assured of having a comprehensive overview of the patients’ first stage of digestion. We believe you will find that the results of your treatment protocols will be enhanced from the pH data, which this test provides. There is no guess work involved and the test results are reproducible.

When the total digestive system is in pH balance, You can expect higher levels of conversion and absorption of ingested foods and medications. In addition, you can expect an appreciable enhancement of the patient’s immune systems! This is a very encouraging step for all aspects of successful treatment! The digestive system supports the immune system. Without proper conversion and absorption of the foods, medications, and supplements, the immune system cannot function at its optimum level. The Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System can be used to bring the first stage of digestion to its optimum performance level for good conversion and absorption.