Allergies and Digestion

An Allergy is what results when your Immune System is inappropriately activated. Your Immune System is designed to attack Bacteria, Viruses, and Parasites. It is not intended to attack the Nutrients consumed, but this is exactly what happens when Pathogens are allowed to enter the Digestive Tract. When the Immune System is activated, antibodies (also called Immunoglobulin) are produced. Antibodies in turn trigger an inflammatory response. Inflammation causes pain and tissue damage, leading to further symptoms. Increased mucous production is another aspect that can be caused by food Allergens entering the Digestive tract.

There are two types of antibodies produced IgE, and IgG by the Immune system in Allergic reaction to food. The IgE reaction typically occur immediately after ingestion of the Allergen that is not sterilized and converted, and in some cases will cause serious health problem, such as swelling of the lips and Tongue, Hives, Bloating, Abdominal pain, or sudden Diarrhea. IgE reactions can also lead to many other symptoms not generally recognized as being cause by food Allergens.

Many food Allergies are not IgE reactions, but IgG reactions, which usually show up hours, or even days, after ingestion of the Allergens. The IgG reactions usually result in Constipation, or Diarrhea, Bloating, Gas and Abdominal Pain.

Many Allergies are the result of incomplete conversion of Proteins into Peptones. Peptones are the building blocks for the Amino acids. The Amino acids are absolutely necessary to sustain a healthy body and longevity. The lack of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in the stomach will cause incomplete conversion of Proteins that are Allergens. Because the Allergens were not destroyed in the stomach by the HCL and Peptic enzymes, the Allergens will migrate into the Digestive tract, causing Allergic reactions, and in many cases other serious ailments. There is no Diagnostic test, or Allergy Skin test, to determine if the Proteins consumed are properly converted to Amino Acids. Unconverted Protein in the Digestive tract will cause Allergies.

The lack of Hydrochloric Acid in the Digestive process will allow un-sterilized and un-emulsified Protein to enter the Digestive tract. Pepsin functions as a Proteolytic enzyme that degrades food Protein into small Peptides, and is one of the most important Enzymes in the first stage of digestion. This Enzyme is completely inactive in stomach in a neutral or alkaline pH. Proper pH balance in the stomach is essential for good conversion and absorption. The lack of HCL production in the stomach will result in diminished Immune System support, Allergies and other serious ailments.