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The Heidelberg pH Diagnostic Test you are about to view, is for all practical purposes, is identical to an actual pH Diagnostic Test on a Patient.

Please observe the Information Box, to the Left of the Graph, below the Button Labeled MARK. When the Medallion Transceiver is NOT ON and Transmitting, the Computer Interface send a message to the Heidelberg Software, indicating that the Medallion is OFF Line. The OFF Line Message is Displayed in the Information Box below the Button Labeled, MARK. When the Medallion Transceiver is Turned ON, the Computer Interface responds to the Computer, and the Computer instructs the Operator , via the Information Box, to Enter The Patient Data, and to "Assign a Patient to Start the Test Process". The Computer will not let the Operator proceed with a pH Test, until the Patient Information is entered into the Patient File Database. If the operator attempts to start the Test before entering the Patient Information, a prompt will appear instructing the Operator to Enter the Patient Information.

After the Patient Information is entered, the Information Box will notify the Operator with the statement that "You May Start the Capsule Calibration". When the Calibration is started the Dial Indicator, "labeled pH Capsule Signal Strength", which is located below the Information Box, will start indication the actual Strength of the pH Capsule. When the Calibration is complete the round RED Indicator, below the Word "OFF", will change from Red to Green, and the Word "OFF" will Change to the Word "ON". The Information box will inform the Operator that "The Heidelberg pH Capsule Test is Running". The Graph will start running, and the Green Graph Line will start moving across the the Graph, at the pH 7.0 level. There is a small rectangular Window above the Graph on the Right Side. The Window is labeled, "CH-1 pH". The "CH-1", indicates Channel One Graph, which corresponds to the Channel One Medallion Transceiver. The Window is a Computer Generated Digital Meter, which displays the pH level of the Graph Line, as the Graph Line is entering the Graph Screen.

The Operator Administers the Calibrated pH Capsule to the Patient. When the Operator observes the pH Capsule entering the Patients Stomach, he/she will click the MARK Button. When the MARK Button is clicked, a Prompt Appears, that gives the Operator option of choosing one of 10 Selections. The Selections are EVENTS that may occur during a Patients Test that required annotating. In the Test you are observing, the Operator clicks the Button labeled, "Administered Capsule". A RED Mark Line is automatically placed on the Graph with Small Box, at the bottom of the Mark Line The Small Red box has the Number 1 inside of it, indicating that this MARK is the First Event that occurred on the Patient's Test.

The Operator administers an oral 5c.c. dose of a Saturated Solutions of Sodium Bicarbonate (Alkaline Challenge), to the Patient.  At Approximately 6 Minutes, the Operator observes the Graph Line Moving upscale, toward the Alkaline Side, and he/she clicks the MARK Button, and chooses the Button labeled, "Alkali Challenge".  Immediately a Second RED Mark Line is Placed on the Graph. This Mark Line has a Small Box at the Bottom of the Line, with the Number 2 inside the Box, indicating that this Mark is the Second Event that occurred during the Patient's Test.

At 26 Minutes into the pH Diagnostic Test, the Operator operator observes the Patient's Stomach re-acidifying on the Graph. The MARK button is clicked, and the Operator Selects the button Labeled "Reacidification". A Third RED Mark Line is Placed on the Graph. This Mark Line has a Small Box at the Bottom of the Line, with the Number 3 inside the Box, indicating that this Mark is the Third Event that occurred during the Patient's Test.

The Operator does not elect to re-challenge the Patient's Parietal Cells, because the Reacidification Time for this Patient is 20 Minutes. The Normal Reacidification time for a Healthy Young Adult is 20 to 22 Minutes.  The Operator Clicks the MARK button and selects the Button labeled, "End TEST". A forth RED Mark Line is placed on the Graph. This Mark Line has a Small Box at the Bottom of the Line, with the Number 4 inside the Box, indicating that this Mark line is the Forth Event that occurred during the Patient's Test. The Operator Clicks the Stop the Test Button on the Left side of the Graph. Clicking the Stop the Test Button Closes the Patients File and Terminates the Test. No additional Test Data can be added to this Patient's File.

During the pH Capsule Test, or after the Test is Completed, the Operator can Print the Test Results. The Printed Test will include; the Patient Information, Date, Test Time, the Graph, with the Graph Line, and the 4 MARK Lines that were placed on the Graph, during the Test. The Printout will also include the designation for each Mark Line. Example: 00:02 Minutes Administered Capsule, 00.06 Minutes Alkali Challenge, 00:26 Reacidification, 00:29 Minutes End Test. If any Comments were added during the Patient Data Entry, the Comments will also be Printed out.