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The pH Capsule is a Self-Contained pH Measuring Device.

The Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System is a State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Tool for Measuring the pH Levels in the Digestive Tract. The Heidelberg pH Capsule is a Technically advanced Micro-Electronic Diagnostic Tool that can Accurately Diagnose a Patient who may have Hypochlorhydria, Hyperchlorhydria, Achlorhydria, Pyloric Insufficiency, and Heavy Mucus.

When the Heidelberg pH Capsule is Activated, and Administered to the Patient, the pH Capsule will measure, and transmit the pH Levels, and the re-acidification time, of the Stomach's Parietal Cells. You will see an accurate Diagnostic Performance of the challenged stomach's Parietal Cells Activity on the Graph displayed on a Monitor, which is recorded in the Patient Database.

Professor. H.G. Noeller did a 1000 Patient Clinical Study, at the University of Heidelberg's Department of Gastroenterology, in Heidelberg, Germany. In his Published Study, he presented the efficacy of using a (Standardized orally Administered) 5 c.c. dose of an Alkaline Challenge on Fasting Patients. His method was the (Oral) Patient-Administration of a 5 c.c. dose of a Saturated Solution of Sodium Bicarbonate (Alkaline) Challenge on each of these 1,000 Patients.  The purpose was to challenge the viability of each Patient's Stomach Parietal Cells to determine the level of Absorption and Conversion of the Patients.  This is the main and most meaningful purpose for use of the Heidelberg pH Capsule Test, which is used in Private Practice, and most particularly, in the Practice of Preventive and Nutritional Medicine. In the Heidelberg Technical Training Manual, there a number of other Clinical Observations, related to common G.I. problems, such as Gastric Ulcers, Acute or Sub-Acute Gastritis, Stomach Emptying Syndrome, Dumping Syndrome, Pyloric Insufficiency, Heavy Stomach Mucus, and Delayed Stomach Emptying.

Unlike other pH tests, which require the use of  an invasive Nasal-gastric tube, or a Standard Endoscopic procedure, which in many cases May traumatize the Patient, the Heidelberg pH Diagnostic Test is accurate and non-invasive, and very user and Patient friendly. The pH Capsule is similar to the size of a Vitamin Capsule, Measuring 7.1 mm in Diameter, and 15.4 mm in Length, making it easy for your Patient to swallow.

Children, under 13 or 14 years of age, are not recommended for the test, primarily because, from our many (31) years of experience, they will promise to swallow the Capsule, simply to please you, but when you are ready to have them swallow the pH Capsule, they virtually NEVER will swallow the pH Capsule. There is generally a lot of crying & screaming, unfortunately. The Capsules are expensive, and designed for one-time use, once they are activated, it must be used, because the Capsule will continue to run until the electrolyte (one grain of Salt) has expired. The pH Capsule is Designed for Tethering to maintain it within the Stomach for Long-Term Studies of the Patient's Stomach Parietal Cell Activity. The Tethering avoids premature emptying of the pH Capsule into the Small Intestine. Stomach-Parietal Cell Activity.

Under Strict Clinical Research Conditions, the pH Capsule may be Allowed to Migrate Throughout the Digestive Tract. These pH Capsule Migration Studies of the small intestines, in conjunction with the administration of a newly-created oral medications, is known as Long Term Migratory (Oral Medications) Pharmacokinetics. These Studies are done by administering a Pharmaceutical Product simultaneously along with our pH Capsule. The Medical Research Team beginning when they see on The Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System Graph, displays the pH level beginning to climb slowly towards the neutral pH Level, they will begins a Serial Blood aspirations every 30 minutes for up to 6 hours, sometimes longer, Each Blood Droplet is placed on a Microscope Glass for examining and determining the Blood-Plasma content of the newly-administered oral medication, and then, project times of arriving at a desired therapeutic level when, in time the blood-level begins to drop out of the estimated therapeutic-range. These Heidelberg Diagnostic pH Graphic readings are collected and combined  with the Blood Plasma Levels, produces excellent Recording & Study of Scientific Curve (s) that are used in order to manufacture these special time released materials, which will enable the patients to obtain uniform and correct pH levels for absorption of the Research Medications for longer periods of time. This type of Study are limited to Pharmacology Research Studies. We do not recommend that Private Practitioners release the pH Capsule into the small intestine for pH Studies. There are no Published Medical Research Documentation Studies available to prevent Medical Practice Liabilities during these tests. These Studies are limited only to use in Clinical Pharmacology Research, where Extensive Patient Histories are always required prior to testing of the abdomen.